April 12th to 14th: Balance Well-Being Expo

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Bonita will be giving psychic coaching sessions and a talk at the Expo. Show special: pay cash and save the tax.

Soulwork: Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Path

Description: Often, it’s our passion and creativity as well as a desire for autonomy that fuels our decision to work for ourselves. However, our fears, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns can affect our ability to show up fully. This can hamper our work relationships, dim the magnetic presence required to attract clients, and hinder our chances of tapping into the cycle of abundance.

In this talk, we will explore some of the key pitfalls that entrepreneurs face, and discuss ways to awaken our true nature, which is designed to serve and receive in balance, enhancing our ability to create sustainable and satisfying careers.

About Bonita:

Bonita Summers helps entrepreneurs unlock their inner strengths. She is a psychic life and business coach assisting clients to understand the subconscious patterns impacting their personal and professional decisions as well as offering them strategies to address matters in the workplace and in personal relationships.

With an illustrious professional career, she is in a unique position to help entrepreneurs. She has been a journalist, freelance writer, editor of a national business magazine, software developer, university administrator and crisis counsellor, before she devoted herself full-time to being a coach. She has also been involved as a mentor for the LD-ACE program, mentoring aspiring First Nations entrepreneurs for three years, as a mentor and a guest speaker.

Bonita is a mentor for the Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Kanata Kelowna Hotel and Conference Centre 
Friday April 12th 2pm-8pm
Saturday April 13th 9am-4pm
Sunday April 14th 9am-4pm
$10/day   $15/weekend


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