Give yourself a gift this Christmas season: Forgive yourself!

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Do you ever find yourself saying, “You shouldn’t have!” when a loved one gives you a present? Yes, it’s a figure of speech, but it also illustrates a common inability to receive as much as we give. Often, it’s because we really don’t think we deserve as much as our friends and family do.

We can forgive others for the mistakes they make, but we don’t accord ourselves the same privilege. We think forgiveness is something that is somehow selfish to own, and can only be given away.

Yet, when we pull inward, and put up walls to others out of anger at ourselves, we actually have less energy to offer. How can we possibly be available to those who need us if we are contracted into self-loathing?

As you approach the holidays and consider the coming year, the ways in which you want to be more, to offer more, to expand your business and improve your relationships, consider that all of this begins with loving yourself. When you are fulfilled, allowing yourself to receive deeply from your loving friends and family, from your community, from the divine consciousness that pervades everything, then you have become one with the wheel of abundance. You are able to offer everything because you have let everything in. To be more, you must accept more. This can only be done when you forgive yourself for being you, for being human, for making mistakes along the way.

One way to do this is to acknowledge that only by making choices can you learn, that you are always choosing the best you can from what you know, that your patterns will trip you up at times so that you can see them and become more conscious, that the effect of your choices is ultimately beneficial if it leads to contemplation and growth. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and become everything you are meant to be, so no one is denied your contribution to the world.

My gift to you this Christmas is information on self-forgiveness and acceptance:

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May you feel the joy of the season as a reflection of the peace and joy inherent within you, and may you gain the clarity to experience that joy regardless of the workings of the ego mind. Peace be with you.


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