October 19th to 21st: 10th Annual Interior Wellness Festival

Bonita SummersEvents

Join me for another fantastic Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops, BC.

I’ll be offering psychic readings and chakra readings in the Marketplace. Show special: bring cash and save the tax!

On Friday evening, join me for Soul Talks:

You Can’t Fail

We all know that sinking feeling when we make a mistake, miss the mark, or do something we deeply regret. We can beat ourselves up for our failures, or we can use the opportunity to deepen our spiritual practice and move into greater acceptance, self-love, and compassion. We will explore why failure is a necessary part of the spiritual path, and a key to higher consciousness in this playful and irreverent look at the fallacies of being human.

Start your Saturday morning with me at 8:30, for my workshop:

Let’s Get Dirty: How to Be Bad, Break the Rules, and Move On to Your Real Life

Being a good girl could be holding you back! In this fun and interactive workshop, we examine the social norms, family principles, and limiting beliefs that have governed our lives and kept us from the deep, dark and dirty richness of our wild natures.

What rules do you need to break in order to be your true, powerful self? What powerful part of you is sitting in the shadows, waiting for you to stop “being good”, so it can contribute to building your life?

Unleash your bad girl to bring energy, spontaneity and wild wisdom to your life!

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