Is the universe giving you a timeout?

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If you’ve found the past few months to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, you’re not alone.

Many of us weathered the solar storms with profound effects on our bodies and minds. You may have been fatigued, anxious, dizzy, and spaced out. You may have had vertigo-like symptoms. All of this has been termed “Ascension flu”, as we flushed out of our systems these lower chakra energies to make way for transformation in the coming months.

The storms ran their course from March 16th to 26th, with some prior and after-effects as part of the deal. In my case, vertigo hit me hard – temporarily incapacitating me. I ended up in the hospital, recovering overnight. Headaches and fatigue followed. Testing in the following week showed that I was perfectly healthy. The only explanation for my symptoms was the effect of the geomagnetic storm.

In the aftermath, I found this deep internal quiet. It was reflected in how quiet life became externally. I found myself working less, and spending more time in the garden. What followed were some profound shifts, where I found myself dancing in and out of the formless state – becoming keenly aware of being in the void until my ego mind would attach to a pattern of thought. Then, I would let go and drop back into the void again. It was amazing to become so aware of this dance, after the preceding months of feeling entrenched in anxiety. Truly, it was the calm after the storm. I found myself less attached to external circumstances, more observant.

If the universe is giving you a timeout, try not to see it as a punishment. If there is less work, if friends cancel plans, if you’re feeling alone and at sea, you’re being given an opportunity to look within and do some of this precious spiritual growth for which we often don’t make time.

The universe has a way of pulling us up short when it’s time to do this work. It will remove obstacles from our path. Sometimes, those obstacles are jobs, homes, social invitations, friendships.

We can rail against loss and uncertainty when people, resources, and things drop away, or we can trust that all is in order. That we are getting exactly what we need in every moment on our path.

This isn’t easy to do when we realize how insecure our reality really is, but the alternative is to get angry at the universe. That’s simply piling mental suffering on the challenges we are already facing with accepting our journey.

When we drop into complete acceptance, when we truly let go and surrender, we place ourselves in a position to get exactly what we need. Only when we stop fighting, can the universe attend to us.

When we accept, we flow with the universe. We become grateful for the timeout. That gentle stillness in the centre of the storm.

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