Today, one of my clients, Courtenay Pitcher, one of the owners of The Original Lava Marketing Co., did me the honour of blogging about the valuable things she learned during our recent coaching session. She beautifully laid out the main points I offered her, including one on which I will elaborate in this post: making sure all of you is on board with the work you do.

Ongoing ennui or an inability to draw in clientele may be an indicator that some part of you isn’t committed to the way you spend your days. To build a better business, start with yourself as the foundation by considering the following:

1. If you don’t love what you do, why are you still doing it? Passion and a powerful belief in the significance of our work fuel our ability to follow through and to attract clients. Joyful engagement in our enterprise makes us more visible to potential customers and more desirable. Who doesn’t want to spend time with someone who exudes happiness? A prime example of a thriving business built on this model is Gio Bean coffeehouse in Kelowna, BC. Customers flock to this establishment not only for the great coffee, but the consistently cheerful customer service. If you need a pick-me-up, I highly recommend stopping in for a coffee and some friendly banter with Gio and his staff.

If you can’t muster passion for your profession, start exploring other possibilities and develop a plan to transition into your dream career. If you’re unclear about the career or having trouble coming up with a plan to transition, intuitive coaching can help you tap into your subconscious aspirations and make their realization a reality.

2. Who said you can’t? Sometimes, the passion is present, but our confidence lags because of the tapes in our heads instilled from earlier incidents in our lives. Perhaps we had a cautioning parent who taught us to play it safe, or teasing at school defeated our belief in ourselves. A coach can offer techniques and exercises to bring these patterns to consciousness and help them to shift in a positive new direction.

Some patterns are well-established at the subconscious level, making them relatively immune to conscious manipulation. If a pattern is engrained, PSYCH-K can be used to change it at the subconscious level, substituting a positive and supportive belief in place of the one that’s been holding you back. In this process, we identify the beliefs you want to change, and come up with a belief statement that you would like to believe. We then use muscle testing to ensure that the subconscious is aligned with the change and to determine what technique to use to establish the new belief to override the “you can’t ” pattern, in order to enhance confidence and boost self-esteem. Essentially, you are erasing the old tapes and replacing those messages with the ones you choose, so that YOU – not your old patterns – determine your course going forward.

3. Is everyone present? Sometimes, we have the passion and the confidence, but we suppress some part of ourselves, robbing us of the energy and presence needed to make a strong impression on our potential clientele. If our childhood conditioning taught us to always put others first and to take a back seat, we may have trouble approaching potential clients, addressing a crowd, or acting on our own ambition. Perhaps, we learned that anger is a negative emotion, so we’ve suppressed it to the point that we find it difficult to set deadlines and follow up on clients who haven’t paid their bills.

When all of our aspects are present in a balanced manner, we are more likely to be poised, dynamic, decisive, and enthusiastic in our endeavours. Leave one part out of the picture, and it dims our light, making us less visible to others and less effective in business.

The sublimated aspects of ourselves become part of our shadow, feared and misunderstood. An astute coach can offer support to bring to consciousness those patterns that we least like about ourselves, so that destructive and limiting beliefs and behaviours based on past experience transform into effective and relevant action that functions well in our current situation.

4. Are you building your business from the inside out? When your phone isn’t ringing, do you take time for introspection? We can fight the lulls in our work or we can use them as opportunities to go within and learn something about ourselves. We can use the lag times to sit with our fears and doubts about ourselves, or see it as a chance to create balance by taking time for our families and leisure activities.

Check in with yourself to see if your downtime behaviour is motivated by fear or coming from a balanced place. If you’re desperately making cold calls, take a break and do some gardening – or sit down and feel your fear long enough to find out what it’s attached to. This isn’t easy work, but it’s necessary if we want to wake up and be conscious businesspeople.

Our careers can contribute to our awakening. If work isn’t going smoothly, we can enhance our business-building activities through self-reflection. The more of us that we consciously bring to our careers, the more likely we will enjoy success in our vocation.

Are you On Board with your Business?
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