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Psychic coaching and counselling is the fastest way to get answers for the issues that matter most in your life. By going directly to the subconscious, I can provide clarity on the underlying patterns affecting your relationships, career, financial well-being, health, confidence, and spiritual path.

With more than 35 years in the field, I have developed a unique blend of skills as a psychic life and business coach with a background in crisis counselling and corporate experience. Not only will you gain clarity from my intuitive connection with your subconscious, you’ll learn about the steps you can take to create a happier and more satisfying personal and professional life.

I will provide concrete, practical guidance for the path ahead as well as insight into the deeper patterns affecting your decisions and viewpoint. You will come away with the information you need about what is really going on in your life AND the tools and techniques required to resolve your problems. Prices include GST.

Purchase of a session or package implies that you have read and agreed to the Wellness Practitioner-Client Service Agreement.

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