Psychic readings, coaching or counselling are the fastest way to get answers for the issues that matter most in your life.

By going directly to the subconscious, a psychic counsellor can get clarity on the underlying patterns affecting your relationships, career, financial well-being, health, confidence, and spiritual path.

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business coaching

Your profession should sustain you creatively and financially so you can be available to your clients over the long term – not because you have to be there, but because you love what you do! As your business coach, I help you identify your calling, discover your inner resources, attract and engage your clients, and structure and market your business for success.

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Youth Ministry


Transform fears and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

In as little as one session, create a dramatic shift in perspective with this effective tool. This is usually a follow-up to a coaching or counselling session.

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Website Design

A compelling and informative website is an absolute must for today’s entrepreneurs. A captivating online presence can be yours at a reasonable cost, and with autonomy. My goal is to create a site that you can easily update on your own – or pay me a nominal fee to update for you!

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Men's Ministry


Need a speaker at your next event? How about a workshop for your office or social group? Bonita offers a variety of presentations on spiritual and personal development, and health and social issues.

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Women's Ministry

Parties / Corporate Events

Intuitive readings are an exciting way to discover your amazing self along with your friends and colleagues! Create a private space for your guests, and watch them emerge from their session with a fresh understanding about themselves to excitedly share with friends.

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Psychic Academy

An online program for psychic development is in the works.

In the meantime, join me at my workshops and monthly events.

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Yoga Classes

Yoga is a powerful process for integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Yin yoga in particular is conducive to stretching the body and strengthening the mind, as well as unfolding suppressed emotion. It can also be a lot of fun!

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