October Events

October 20th to 22nd: Interior Wellness Festival

Book your festival pass through Eventbrite at this link.

Join me at the 9th annual Interior Wellness Festival at Sahali Centre Mall at 945 Columbia Street West in Kamloops, BC. Here’s what I’m up to at the festival:

Friday October 20th from 3 to 4 pm – Workshop: Giving It All!

If fear is causing you to constrict your heart and pull away from life, if trusting your path is a constant struggle, if you want to flow with enthusiasm, compassion and abundance, this workshop is for you. 

Learn through cultivation of implicit trust, gratitude, and kindness how to become a conduit for spirit on earth, letting universal love flow through you to embue your work, your relationships and your life. Exercises will help you see when you are pulling away from life and when you are engaging your soul in all you do!

You will learn:

  • How to tap into your naturally peaceful state of higher consciousness to overcome fear through compassion.
  • How to harness the four keys to abundant living: intention, surrender, gratitude, and trust.
  • How to get out of your head and move into body-based intuition for guidance and reassurance.
  • To express the physical form as a conduit for bringing the divine spirit onto the earth plane.

This is a step-by-step process for extricating yourself from the mundane, fear-based operation of the ego consciousness to discovering how you were really meant to experience this life – as divine spirit taking human form for the sole purpose of being love on earth.

Friday October 20th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm – Welcome and Keynote Panel “Find Your Bliss”

Join me, Elizabeth Beeds, Dirk Terpstra, and Stephanie Banks for an inspiring introduction to the Interior Wellness Festival. I’ll be presenting on finding your bliss with the following question in mind:

What happens when we accept everything that happens to us as the universe contributing to our ultimate happiness? Since bliss is defined as perfect happiness, finding our bliss sounds like a tall order to achieve in an imperfect world. We will look at ways to discover perfect happiness in all aspects of our human experience.

Saturday October 21st from 10 to 11 am – Workshop: Travelling Beyond Bliss

Meditation can bring you great joy – and just as intense frustration when you first attempt to still your mind!
I first became curious about meditation at the tender age of 13, when I began my practice. Over the decades, I’ve experimented with various forms of meditation, including Zen, Tibetan, Vipassana – as well as an Ojibway sweat lodge. During the past 40 years of practice, I’ve discovered that meditation isn’t solely about maintaining a peaceful state of mind or attaining bliss. In fact, actively pursuing those experiences to the exclusion of other states is likely to engender a battle of wits between your intent and your busy monkey mind.
Bliss, peace, and stillness of mind is possible when we stop trying to control our experience. We will explore ways to connect with our naturally observant underlying state of awareness, which is the foundation of consciousness. We will discover what keeps us from resting in that state, and how we can reliably arrive there time and time again. Please join me for this journey beyond bliss to ever deeper levels of awareness.

Friday October 20th to Sunday October 22nd – Psychic Readings and Chakra Readings

I’ll be offering readings at my booth on all three days (when I’m not speaking or giving a workshop). Festival special: bring cash and save the tax! I will also be accepting credit card payments.

Over 75 inspiring workshops to choose from in these categories: SPIRIT, NUTRITION, WOMEN, STILLNESS, YOGA, INSPIRE.
FREE marketplace admission – no ticket needed.
PAID workshop admission – buy your ticket in advance at www.interiorwellness.com.
Healthy food and snacks, healing and wellness products and information.
A healing garden to nurture and de-stress your body.

To learn more, go to the website, or join us at the Facebook event. Looking forward to seeing you at the Festival!


October 28th and 29th: Penticton Wellness Fair

I’ll be offering psychic readings and chakra readings at the fair, located at the Penticton Community Centre. Admission is free.

Bring cash and save the tax. I will also be accepting credit card payments. See you soon at the Fair!

Click here for more information.

October 30th: Spirituality Session – Discover Your Psychic Abilities

img_8193Join our monthly meeting to explore your psychic ability, learn meditation techniques, and discuss spiritual experiences in a supportive group setting. When I ran this group in the past, it quickly outgrew our meeting space. For that reason, only folks who have pre

booked their seat will be allowed to attend, so that I can keep numbers at a reasonable limit. I want to ensure each of you receives personal support for developing your psychic skills and discussing your experiences.

We will meet at the Downtown Business Centre at 101-346 Lawrence Avenue from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on the last Monday evening of each month, excluding Christmas holidays. Fee is $10 plus GST.

Prebook your seat for October 30th via this PayPal button: 


November Events

November 5th: Talk and Workshop: Grateful for Absolutely Everything!


We’ve often heard that gratitude is a doorway to abundance, wellbeing, and love. However, it can be very challenging to be grateful for the things that make us angry, unhappy, and afraid. Yet, this is where the most powerful spiritual work is done.

In this talk, we will look at the 5 W’s of Gratitude:

Who are we grateful for? Can we be grateful for all who cross our path?

Why is gratitude vital to a healthy, balanced life, and to our spiritual journey?

What happens to our energy field when we harness gratitude?

Where can we use gratitude to guide our lives?

When is it most difficult to be grateful, and how do we resolve our resistance?

Using examples to illustrate the need to practice gratitude in all circumstances, we will discover that being thankful truly is a way of aligning ourselves with Universal Loving Energy, placing us on the path to fulfilling our greatest potential.


To put reality in the simplest of energetic terms, we are either in heaven or hell, or oscillating between the two. We are either in a high vibration, which we experience as love, gratitude, contentment, and community or we are in lack, fear, anger, and competition. As we move into the new age, it’s common to feel at times like we are riding the edge of these two paradigms, to the extent that we may feel giddy with glee and then plummet into despair in the next moment.

Gratitude is a practice that aligns us with the higher energies without causing us to lose our balance, because it implies acceptance of the All – not just the things we enjoy. True gratitude means realizing that in all moments the universe is giving us exactly what we need, whether we want it or not!

In this workshop, we will explore ways to enhance our ability to be grateful by reframing those aspects of our lives with which we struggle the most – the difficult relationships and situations that trigger our fear and anger.

Join me at the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society at 56 Industrial Avenue in Penticton.

Meditation at 10 am.

Presentation at 10:30 am.

Workshop from 1 to 3 pm.

For more info, go to http://www.ccandms.ca.

Bonita Summers is a professional psychic life and business coach and counsellor serving Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country, Penticton, the Okanagan and internationally by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, or at her office at 101-346 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna, BC. Flexible hours by appointment. 

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